Our Story

Born in 2009 in Washington, DC, Personal is dedicated to helping individuals take control of their data and use it to live better lives.

It's your data. Own it.

Data about you and your life is everywhere, yet nowhere you can really use. At Personal, we wanted to find a way to allow you to take control of the master copy of your data and use it to live a better, more convenient life.

What’s more, we wanted you to have the freedom to securely connect and share with trusted people, apps and sites who need access to your information and important documents. That’s why we’ve created a new standard of information ownership: the data, notes and files you store in Personal belong to you. Even if you give someone else access, they are still yours – and you can stop access at any time.

Small data is the new oil.

The amount of information about you and your life is exploding. It represents one of the most valuable assets in the digital economy. In fact, entire industries are being revolutionized by the use of what is called “big data” or “the new oil.” And companies are cashing in by selling your information and time to advertisers to provide you “free” products.

At Personal, we are committed to helping you turn the tables, first by giving you a safe and convenient place to collect and store your data, notes and files. With the information you need at your fingertips, you can enjoy new tools and apps that leverage your data in ways only companies have been able to do before. We call that “small data,” and we hope you'll help us spread the word that "small data is the new oil."

Why should you trust us?

First and foremost, we built Personal for ourselves and our families, friends and work colleagues. We use it every day for managing and securely sharing our most important information, notes and files at home and work.

Even though we have a distinguished track record as a management team, and a stellar group of investors, we know trust is earned, not given. Security and privacy have always been our top priorities. And in addition to our Owner Data Agreement, which makes you the legal owner of your data, we also make it easy for you to take your data – and delete all copies – should you ever decide to leave.

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