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Discover how Personal is changing the way people securely store and share their most
important information.

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Media Contact:

Josh Galper
(202) 499-2441


Awards & Recognition

J. Walter Thompson 100 things to watch in 2014 & 2013

One of the first 50 companies selected for NYU GovLab’s Open Data 500

★ Won 2013 Campus Technology innovators award with Lone Star College

★ Named a favorite app for 2013 by Executive Travel

★ One of five “hot apps and web services” of SXSW 2012

★ Chosen by the White House/U.S. Education Department to help people import federal student loan and FAFSA records

★ First consumer-facing company to be named a Privacy by Design Ambassador

★ Won 2012 Privacy Identity Innovation Technology Showcase Award and 2011 Audience Spotlight Award

★ Featured by the World Economic Forum, Forrester, Privacy by Design, & Ctrl-Shift for leadership in the personal data sector

★ Founding Member, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium

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