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Safely organize, sync & use all your info
Collaborate, share & fill forms at home & work
Featuring apps powered by your data & docs

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Fill It

  • Instantly complete forms, logins & checkouts
  • Automatically save new info from forms
  • Securely share passwords & info for others to use

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Data Vault

  • Add 1000s of types of reusable data & docs
  • Data syncs across Personal Cloud apps & devices
  • Search your info from web, mobile & browser extension

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Secure Notes

  • Create & share notes easily & safely
  • Add encrypted photos & files to notes
  • Ideal for private subjects & meetings

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Collaboration & Secure Sharing

  • Powerful collaboration tools enable 2-way sharing & use of data
  • Update contacts instantly. Revoke access whenever you choose!
  • Stop using email, texts & other inefficient, vulnerable sharing

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A New Model for Trust, Security & User Control

  • Only you have the keys to your Personal Cloud
  • Our license agreement ensures you own & control your data & docs
  • Personal is recognized as the first Privacy by Design company

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Data Imports

  • Import your data from Facebook, LinkedIn and others
  • Fill out forms with data shared with you by family, friends & work colleagues
  • Automatically get latest bills & statements from 100s of companies

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